Duterte Flips Out In Myanmar

Secret Service Agent’s Laptop Targeted For Possible Pope Francis Assassination Attempt!

Why Was I Several Hours Late? I Usually Pull Over & Dance On The Side Of The Road To Bowie's Young Americans.....She Didn't Buy It!

Coming Home Several Hours Late After Attending Latin Mass Only One Hour Away And This Was Waiting For Me...........

POPE FRANCIS DOOM NOVENA IN EFFECT! Pope Prays For Victims Of Flooding In Peru.....

DUBIA Hysteria! Division In The Rad Trad Camp!

Pope Francis DOOM NOVENA: On Sunday Prays For Guatemala Fire Victims And By Thursday 70 Dead In Peru Flood

Driving One Hour To Latin Mass In The Wrong End Of Town! LOL!

Philippines Coup d`etat While Duterte is Away In Myanmar.....

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