Confirmed: No Mystical Experience! Pope Benedict Was Forced Out Of Office By Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Jorge Mario Bergoglio
'I'm In Charge Now!'
The most unusual event in modern day papal history was the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.
Why did he resign?
  • Health reasons?
  • Spiritual reasons?
  • Mystical reasons?
  • Other reasons?
Pope Benedict in his own words:
"After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry." Pope Benedict
Take Pope Benedict at his word and it does not make sense - does it? Old age and deteriorating health is no reason. how many popes sat in authority up until their very death - how many popes in ill health stayed in office until their last breath? Is Pope Benedict in such a sorry state that no man who occupied the throne of Peter was found in a similar condition?
No. What Benedict is going through is no different than all men who reach old age. So health is not the reason for him leaving the office.
Read between the lines of Pope Benedict's statement and you will understand that Pope Benedict was straying from the path that Vatican II laid out for the destruction of the Church. A fuming Jorge Mario Bergoglio took notice of the path of Benedict and he did not like it.
The man who came in second place was ready for a fight to keep to the path of destruction.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio was instrumental in the removal of Pope Benedict in order to continue the destruction of the church.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the reason.



  1. While I have no love for Pope Francis, I must ask you what evidence you have that he personally maneuvered Pope Benedict out of office? I can see him as part of a larger plot but I doubt if he would lead such a plot (so far, he has shown no leadership ability), let alone act by himself.

    I call to your attention this op-ed I wrote for the Jerusalem Post in Israel in June:

    It mentions a dispute Benedict and Bergoglio had regarding Islam. While such a dispute obviously would create antipathy, it's not enough in and of itself to show Bergoglio as either a conspirator or revolutionary leader.


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