Meet Pope Francis' New Sex Kitten Aide Francesca Chaouqui Who Was Rewarded With Post For Her Attack Against Pope Benedict

“I’m not worried because the Holy Father is not worried”
Francesca Chaouqui & Lover 

Pope Francis created the new Pontifical Commission for Reference on the Economic-Administrative Structure of the Holy See:
The Holy Father, by a chirograph dated 18 July, has established a Pontifical Commission for Reference on the Organisation of the economic-administrative structure of the Holy See. 
The Commission will gather information, report to the Holy Father and co-operate with the Council of Cardinals for the study of the organisational and economic problems of the Holy See, in order to draft reforms of the institutions of the Holy See, with the aim of a “simplification and rationalisation of the existing bodies and more careful planning of the economic activities of all the Vatican Administrations”. 
As explained in the Chirograph, the Committee will “offer the technical support of specialist advice and develop strategic solutions for improvement, so as to avoid the misuse of economic resources, to improve transparency in the processes of purchasing goods and services; to refine the administration of goods and real estate; to work with ever greater prudence in the financial sphere; to ensure correct application of accounting principles; and to guarantee healthcare and social security benefits to all those eligible”. 
The Commission will be able to collaborate, on request, with the working Group of eight Cardinals in drafting a plan for the reform of the Apostolic Constitution “Pastor Bonus” on the Roman Curia. 
The aims and the appointments of the Commission are described in detail in the Chirograph itself. 
The members of the Commission are laypeople, experts in “legal, economic, financial and organisational matters”, currently eminent consultants or reviewers for Vatican or ecclesiastical economic institutions. The only member of the clergy is the Secretary.
The eight members are:
  1. Dr. Joseph FX Zahra (Malta), President
  2. Msgr. Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda (Secretary of the Prefecture for Economic Affairs), Secretary
  3. Mr Jean-Baptiste de Franssu (France)
  4. Dr. Enrique Llano (Spain)
  5. Dr. Jochen Messemer (Germany)
  6. Ms. Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui (Italy)
  7. Mr. Jean Videlain-Sevestre (France)
  8. Mr. George Yeo (Singapore)
Dr. Zahra and Dr. Messemer are International reviewers of the Prefecture of Economic Affairs of the Holy See.
The Commission will begin its work as soon as possible. A first meeting is scheduled for shortly after the Holy Father’s return from Brazil.
The Holy Father hopes for a happy and productive collaboration between the Commission and the Vatican Administrations associated with its work.
[01063-02.01] [Original text: Italian - working translation]
So who is Francesca Chaouqui? 30 years old & childless & likes to have sex & posting videos of it on the internet. (see above)
On twitter she claimed that this guy is gay:
Giulio Tremonti
You're Gay So We Closed Your Bank Account!
Francesca Chaouqui likes to tweet when drunk - she tweeted this tweet about Tremonti:
“Tremonti held a [bank] account with the IOR [the Vatican bank]. They shut it down upon finding out he is gay.”
How did the bank find out he was gay? And just what kind of bank policy is that?

Francesca Chaouqui claims her twitter account was hacked - cause she don't remember tweeting that tweet - reason to believe that the sex kitten tweeted that tweet when drunk.

Also had to tweet this about Pope Benedict:

“I confirm: the Pope has been suffering from leukaemia for more than one year,”
Was the sex kitten drunk when she tweeted the tweet about Pope Benedict? No! Of course not. Who benefited from Pope Benedict's sickness? I can think of one guy - the same guy who came in second last time around - the same guy who is now in charge and the same guy who gave the sex kitten her new job:

I'm In Charge Now!

Chaouqui tweeted her tweet about the Pope Benedict's health in February to help fuel the lie that Pope Benedict resigned for health reason when by all accounts it looks as if Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina forced Benedict from office. History will most likely will one day confirm this fact.

The sex kitten was rewarded for her help in disposing Pope Benedict with this new post.

Has the sex kitten done other "things" for Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina?

Probably. It will all come out soon enough.