MOROCCO DOOM! Pope Francis Meets Mo Rocca Easter Sunday Morning At The Vatican! Moroccan Woman Jumps Off Moving Bus!

CBS SUNDAY MORNING correspondent Mo Rocca meets Pope Francis and presents him with a portrait of St. Francis of Assisi painted by Bronx student Zuleika Rymer, during an audience at The Vatican that will be broadcast Easter Sunday, April 16 (9:00 AM ET) on the CBS Television Network. The Pontiff warmly admires Rymer’s painting during the visit. As the Pope holds the painting, Rocca asks why he chose the name Francis. The Pope answers and has a request of his own. “Pray for me,” he asks Rocca. “I need it.”......


  1. Francis asks openly homosexual celebrity to pray for him.

  2. Yes Morocco, not only do you have the wrath of God pressing down on you because of Islam, but you also have the Destroyer's favorite unfunny gay comedian sent from Hell to call down curses upon you!

  3. Sodomite asks fellow sodomite to pray for him. It's a rainbow church! 🌈

    Seattle kim


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